Feb 27 2008

Layout Change

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Hello Reader!

You may have noticed a slight change to the layout of this blog – do not be alarmed! This change has been made for your own protection…

In fact, the main reason for the change is that I was getting very frustrated with the narrrow, fixed-width nature of the previous template I was using. I decided I had move to a layout that would not impact readers on a small screen (Nico, that’d be you!) while still allowing those with larger screens (me!) to be able to view the information without pain.

This layout is a stock template from the WordPress archive and may well be temporary pending my finding the time to roll my own.

In the meantime, sit back, relax and try not to panic. :)

Feb 13 2008

Being a Better Developer

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The other day Ben Schierman had the following to say on his blog post about interviewing developers:

The technical responsibility we have is too great to leave in the hands of those who don’t know what they are doing and refuse to learn.

I couldn’t have said it better. As individuals and a community we have need to keep moving forward and to try be better developers all the time.

Sure, some days we don’t have the get-up-and-go to chow down on new knowledge, but if your get-up-and-go got up and went and won’t come back then maybe you need to find something you can be more passionate about.

Feb 04 2008

Who am I?

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Is that an existential question or what?

Ok, so what am I? I guess I’m…

  • The manager of a small development team for a multinational messaging company.
  • A C# & VB.NET developer of about 5 years working on a high volume transactional messaging solution at the moment.
  • Providing consultancy services in Australia an Europe.
  • The husband of a talented web developer.
  • Based in Paris (yes, the one in France) .
  • A proponent of Agile practices.
  • Working on my skills in the field of a number of acronyms (eg. TDD, DDD, ORM, SQL, IoC, SoC, SOA and ESBs, to name but a few).
  • An Aus-pom-erican (born in New York, have British citizenship through my mother and grew up in Australia).
  • An avid blog reader – some of my favorites are in the sidebar.
  • Running out of things to add to this list.

So, as for who I am – is it really that important? If you really must know you can find me on the NHibernate forums on a regular basis as merge_s.rottem as the result of some issues that occurred during the merging of the old NHibernate forums with the Hibernate forums as I had an account on each with the same name. I try to lead a moderately private life, so I’ll leave it to you to pry if you feel you need to know more. At least for now… :)

Feb 03 2008

And I christen this blog…

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Well it had to happen eventually…

After several years of sponging up the information spilling forth from other bloggers and using that information to become a better developer I have finally succumbed to temptation to try to add my own voice to the crowd in an effort to give something back to the community that has been supporting me. And really – if developers are going to try to develop their skills shouldn’t it be a two-way street rather than just take, take take?

Sure, there’s a healthy level of competition in the developer community but it’s the symbiotic relationships that really seem to make us thrive so in that spirit I’m launching the Symbiotic Development blog.

The catalyst that finally got me blogging was my attendance at the ALT.NET.UK conference in London this weekend where I met several very interesting people and had the chance to participate in a variety of collaborative discussions covering a wide range of subjects. During the last several months I have been hearing about how great the ALT.NET conference in Austin was from some of the other players out there and the chance to attend and see what all the fuss was about was an opportunity that was simply too good to pass up. Upon seeing an annoucement on Jeremy Miller’s blog a codebetter.com I started watching the website and as luck would have it I managed to snag myself a position there.

It was an excellent event and I’ll be posting with more information about the sessions I attended once I’ve had a chance to sort my thoughts into a digestible format. Until then…keep on sharing.

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