Feb 27


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Symon Rottem

Who Am I?

That one’s simple – I’m Symon Rottem.

Where Am I?

I’m currently based in Paris, France. There are certainly benefits to this…

What Am I?

Now that’s a tougher question…

  • The manager of a small development team for a multinational messaging company.
  • A C# & VB.NET developer of about 5 years working on a high volume transactional messaging solution at the moment.
  • Providing consultancy services in Australia an Europe.
  • The husband of a talented web developer.
  • Based in Paris (yes, the one in France) .
  • A proponent of Agile practices.
  • Working on my skills in the field of a number of acronyms (eg. TDD, DDD, ORM, SQL, IoC, SoC, SOA and ESBs, to name but a few).
  • An Aus-pom-erican (born in New York, have British citizenship through my mother and grew up in Australia).
  • An avid blog reader – some of my favorites are in the sidebar.
  • Running out of things to add to this list.