Jul 16

Hammett goes to Microsoft

Tag: Castle,Open SourceSymon Rottem @ 10:59 pm

For those didn’t know already there’s some interesting news floating around out on the grapevine…apparently Hamilton Verissimo (aka Hammett) has joined the Microsoft team – congratulations Hammett!

Hammett has been the founder and guiding light behind the Castle stack which includes the popular MVC container MonoRail, the Windsor IoC Container and Dynamic Proxy (which is used extensively in the NHibernate project as well).

While this most likely bodes well for Microsoft MVC and Unity IoC I do have to wonder what impact this will have on the the future direction of the Castle stack. My assumption was that Hammett would be stepping back from the project due to a conflict of interest, although according to his blog this isn’t going to be a problem so he’ll stay involved.

As there are many committers on the Castle development team I certainly don’t imagine that it’s going to go away event if he has to step back, but having a someone who is passionate, actively involved and provides a leadership for a project goes a long way to keeping it healthy; look at NHibernate as a good example – when Sergey stepped down as the lead things got a little muddy for a while.

I do believe that it’s important that open source alternatives remain active and viable alternatives for the health of the software development community, so I hope that, if required, someone else can take up the reins with the same level of passion and commitment shown by Hammett in his long history with the project.

Does anyone have an inkling of what’s going to happen next?

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