May 06

ALT.NET Paris – Technical Talk and Beer

Tag: ALT.NETSymon Rottem @ 8:38 am

In my last post I completely forgot to include the other interesting thing that happened during the last week; I got a chance to catch up with other like minded ALT.NETers here in Paris!

It was a good evening – there were five of us; three Francophones and two Anglophones, so the group wasn’t too big and we all got to chat together. We met up at the Frog and Rosbif which is an expat bar for the British who want to relax with their own kind but it turned out to be too loud and crowded on a Wednesday evening for us to have a comfortable chat…who’d have thought? As it was we relocated to a quieter (and more classically Parisian) bar across the road and settled in to talk and sink a few beers.

We ended up talking about a pretty wide range of topics; F#, Spec#, IOC containers, TDD, Design Patterns and NHibernate to name but a few. Everything was fairly general this time around but we’re just starting to get to know each other. I suspect we’ll start digging deeper into each other’s knowledge bases and get into some stronger debates when we’ve met a few times. :)

As seems to be the way around us language crippled Anglophones the general discussion went forward in English, and that seemed to work out quite well for all involved. I’m hoping that next time we’ll have more people which will mean that any Francophones who aren’t comfortable in English can split off to talk to other Francophones and likewise for the Anglophones in the group – mix and match. Me, I think I can get by these days in either group as long as we stick to technical conversations…

Anyway, we’ve arranged to meet again on the first Wednesday of June; anyone who’s interested can drop me a line or watch on the Paris ALT.NET mailing list for updates. The more the merrier and all are welcome.

Finally, thanks must go out to Robert Pickering who was kind and organized enough to make the event happen at all, so thanks Robert!

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