Apr 16

The SOA Question

Tag: SOASymon Rottem @ 8:37 pm

For quite some time now I’ve been dabbling away at the edges of SOA trying to properly wrap my head around it so I can become a comfortable practitioner, but there’s a lot of guff out there from vendors which has been distracting.

I’ve been keeping up with Udi’s blog for a while now, where he often has good information about the SOA world which in turn led me to tinkering with NServiceBus.

More recently, however, I started reading Bill Pool’s Creative Abrasion blog.  He’s been talking about what SOA is, and what it isn’t and how to spot the difference, to cite a few recent examples.  These have proven an interesting read and I recommend Bill’s blog if you want to get your head around the concepts of SOA and how they work in your world.

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