Apr 08 2008

MonoRail ‘Getting Started’ Docs Refactored

Tag: CastleSymon Rottem @ 10:22 pm

Well, that’s that done for now. *dusting hands*

I’ve been working my way through the Getting started chapter of the MonoRail documentation and have refactored a lot of the content, fixed the links so they land where they’re supposed to and added a few extra explanations. The current version can be viewed online here:


Thanks to a patch from Louis DeJardin (who provided the Windows Workflow Foundation facility in Castle) there are now navigation links at the top of the page to allow you to choose chunked, single or CHM versions of the content.

There appear to be a lot of problems with the DocBook syntax highlighter – it’s very fragile and not nearly as flexible as I’d like. I think I’m going to have to take a hack at the xslthl package and see if I can figure it out. Or if anyone else out there feels like it… :)

I’d love comments, suggestions or patches for anything that’s not clear or incorrect so feel free to dive on in.