Apr 06 2008

Distributed Revision Control

Tag: UncategorizedSymon Rottem @ 4:23 pm

In general, there appears to be a lot of noise about source control on the web at the moment; Ayende has been writing about the SvnBridge for TFS he’s been working and Jeff Atwood from Coding Horror posted today about setting up a Subversion server under Windows. Within hours Scott Cowan (who I had the pleasure of meeting at the London ALT.NET conference) explains on his blog how easy it is to set up a local SVN installation on your own machine. Source control is the flavor of the week.

It’s funny how some ideas seem to gain traction and then hit a tipping point so that suddenly, something you’ve never heard about before comes at you from several disparate sources in a short space of time.

Until Friday I’d never even heard of distributed revision control.

Initially one of my colleagues mentioned it and since then I’ve seen a reference to Bazaar in the Ubuntu developer documentation (which is the revision control system they use) and Jeff’s post also referred to distributed revision control.

All of this prompted me to start doing some research – I’m just starting to dig in, but there appear to be several implementations out there at the moment that support distributed revision control such as:

There’s even a write up comparing some of these systems by demod on his blog.

I’m not entirely sure where I stand on DRCS at this stage as I haven’t yet had a chance to play with one. I’d be interested to hear about people’s experience with different systems.