Mar 22

NHibernate Proxy Generator

Tag: NHibernate,Open SourceSymon Rottem @ 4:11 pm

I just stumbled over an interesting post on William C. Pierce‘s blog explaining how to set up NHibernate to run in a a medium trust environment and still get the benefits of lazy loading.

I’ve seen a few queries about how to do use lazy loading under medium trust in the past but have never really investigated it myself having assumed it was just one of those things you couldn’t do since proxies are generated through reflection and reflection permissions are not granted in medium trust environments.

Well it turns out that isn’t the case if you get a little creative.

What William has done is to create his own proxy factory that NHibernate can be configured to use so it will provide proxies that were generated at compile time where you have full trust rather than generating proxies at runtime where the reflection permissions are restricted.
He’s also provided a tool to generate those compile time proxies and released his hours of hard work as the NHibernate Proxy Generator (or NPG) so you don’t have to invest time of your own.  The project is still in it’s infancy but it’s released under the Apache License 2.0 so you can download the source and contribute should you so desire.

William has provided more information on how NHibernate can be configured to run in medium trust and use NPG generated proxies in his blog post so head on over there if you’re stuck with medium trust and still need lazy loading.

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