Mar 19 2008

DocBook MonoRail Docs in Contrib

Tag: Castle,Open SourceSymon Rottem @ 12:19 am

For those who don’t lurk on the Castle Development mailing list, the new DocBook version of the MonoRail documentation I’ve been working on has now been submitted to the Castle Contrib repository. If you want to download a copy of the source to build and play with you can find it here:

This initial checkin contains only the MonoRail DocBook source files in their initial, unedited state, NAnt build scripts to generate the output and the toolchain required to do the build.

At this stage output generated includes single page HTML, multi-page HTML (one page per chapter) and a CHM file. I anticipate the addition of PDF and VS 2005 add in documentation formats in the near future. The following links provide a sample of the current generated output:

To build the documentation you will need to have a Java runtime installed, however you can easily use IKVM.NET as an alternative as long as you don’t mind making some minor changes in the build files. Each book can be built by executing NAnt against its build file ( for MonoRail, for example) or the whole tree can be built by using the file. Keep in mind that right now there are only MonoRail docs, so either way it’s essentially the same thing.

Right now the content is only basically styled and only some code blocks have been set up for syntax highlighting. There are also likely to have been a couple of errors in transferring the data and several internal and external links are still broken. Since I have now got an initial buildable version in place I should be able to return my focus to fixing these and other content issues as well as continue work on migrating other frameworks in the Castle stack to the DocBook format.

Any feedback is welcome.