Mar 11 2008

Documenting Castle – Phase One Complete

Tag: UncategorizedSymon Rottem @ 12:58 am

After many hours slaving over the keyboard the existing MonoRail trunk documentation has been transferred to DocBook format! Wahoo! I think I’ve given myself a crick in the neck and a good dose of RSI but hell – it had to be done, right?

The newly proposed structure is in place (apologies for the deviations from my previous post) and the existing content has been copied across but it’s not finished yet – there’s still a whole slew of tasks to undertake:

  • The styles still need to be built to provide a nice look and feel.
  • The output needs to be customized for each of the formats (I’m planning on Single Page HTML, Chunked HTML, HTML Help, VS 2005 Documentation and PDF at this stage).
  • Link endpoints need to be fixed.
  • The generation process needs to be properly automated.
  • The content hasn’t been refactored yet…this comes last.

But progress is being made (and I have a day job too!) Fortunately, Nicolas Vitra – a colleague of mine – is helping out with the PDF generation and adding syntax highlighting to the code samples, so things should start moving faster.

If you want to see the current state of things there’s a version of the docs for review here. Note, however that this is not in any way considered to be release-worthy, it’s just a little sneak peek. The content will not be staying at that address and will be taken offline at some point in the not too distant future, although hopefully not before they go into production.

Please post comments related to the structure or any problems with the presentation. Just remember that the content has not yet been from what’s available on the Castle website so any comments on that score should wait until it’s available in source control so others can get involved in the editing process.

Anyway – enjoy.

Edit: The URL for the documentation has been updated to a new location temporarily.