Mar 08 2008

Documenting Castle – Tool Friction

Tag: UncategorizedSymon Rottem @ 11:27 am

Working on the Castle documentation is bringing it’s own share of frustrations – scarily enough it’s not actually from wrangling the data but the tools I’m using to do the task. As Ayende is so often stating, friction is something that just shouldn’t be there.

I don’t mind coding XML by hand but I like to at least have an editor that will provide me with colorized markup and handle indenting for me and identify schema violations. Visual Studio 2005 – my development environment of choice – seemed like the right choice…except that the damned thing keeps borking on me with the following dialog when I try to paste data from some other file:

Visual Studio Borked

I have no idea what’s causing this and much googling hasn’t provided me with an answer.

Hmm. Next tool please…let’s try something completely different – XML Mind’s XXE Personal Edition. This isn’t a bad little tool in that is shows DocBook data rendered so that it’s somewhat visual allowing for a WYSIWIG editing. The problem for me is that you can’t get down to basic XML – they use a tree view of the nodes but it’s not straight XML – which screws up the copy paste approach I’m using to cobble together the existing content. Also, it’s a tad on the slow side. Grrr – more friction.

So, for the moment I’m using Eclipse to do my XML editing. Does anyone have any other suggestions on a validating XML editor that supports a multi document interface, auto indenting, tooltips and error highlighting based on the schema or DTD defined in the XML and that is, most important of all, free?

Alternately, tell me how I can get VS 2005 to work.

Drop me a line if you have any suggestions.