Feb 12 2008

O/R Mapper Choices

Tag: NHibernateSymon Rottem @ 3:11 pm

I saw this article by Mario Van Damme the other day about some of the decisions you should probably take into account when choosing an Object Relational mapping tool.

Best Practices for Object/Relational Mapping and Persistence APIs

Although published in 2006 it’s a good article on some of the considerations that I didn’t take into account when choosing an ORM and probably should have. Luckily, NHibernate has worked out as a good choice overall

Mind you, when I started with NHibernate I did struggle against transparent persistence – to my mind I should have full control over when all persistence actions take place, so I did everything I could to disable transparent persistence – to my detriment. That said, I’ve learned from my mistakes and have fully embraced NHibernate’s transparent persistence and transactions and all the performance advantages it provides, however there have certainly been some projects where an persistence solution that allows me full control would have been a better choice.

Had I read the Mario’s article I might have had some idea of where I was going before I started.